Selling some MSX games in USA

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17-05-2021, 23:09


I have a few games that I plan to list for sale. I don't really have prices in mind for direct sale. I'm hoping to take offers, is that considered acceptable? I'm just wanting to see if I can get something reasonably close to what I could potentially get on eBay. A couple of them I'm on the fence about keeping, so it depends on what kind of offers I get.

I had been sitting on these in hopes of using them for trades, but I think it's time I let go of these titles to someone else who can appreciate them. But I would still prefer a good trade to a sell. I'll include my wish list on this post.

A lot of these were copies that I upgraded, so there are likely to be cosmetic flaws. It varies on a game to game basis. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll get some photos for you. I plan to clean and photograph all of them over the course of the week. Almost all of the boxed games have cartridge, box, and manual, but may be missing other items.


Dynamite Bowling
Higemaru Makaijima
Crusader (European Floppy Version)
Konami Tile Game (Mahjong?)
Girly Block
Family Stadium (Famista)
Pac-Mania ROM Version
Pennant Race 2
Koei Strategy Sumthin'
Koei Strategy Sumthin' Strikes Back
Guardic German Instructions
Guardic French and English Instructions
Mick and Rick's Big Adventure
Mick and Lick's Big Adventure
Lode Runner
Baseball Sumthin'!! '88

Loose Carts: Crusader, Xanadu, Alcazar, Kiki Kaikai, Gall Force- Defense of Chaos, C-So!, Swing-kun of the Window Cleaning Company, Final Justice, Craze, Monster's Fair

My wish list (Japanese CIB):

1942 MSX2
A-Na-Za - Kaleidoscope Special
Arkanoid 2
Bubble Bobble
Bull and Mighty
Come on! Picot (or Box/Manual)
Devil's Heaven Manual *
Dragon Buster
Fray Turbo R
Guardic w/ Yellow Box Japanese Instructions
Hustle Chumy Manual *
Magical Tree
Malaya no Hihou
Mashou no Yakata Gabarin (or Box/Manual)
Megalopolis SOS Manual *
Mitsume Ga Tooru
Moon Patrol
Never Forget to Nausicaa Game Forever
Pleasure Hearts
Seed of Dragon
Seiken Achoo
Star Virgin
Youma Kourin
Zombie Hunter

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