WTB V9990 Cartridge

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By Gloriou

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09-08-2020, 23:57

Thanks everyone,
This indeed explains a lot as some shipments has been returned because of this damn Covid19, others have been delayed for very long time. Hopefully FedEx will solve my long waiting time, as I have been wanting to play some V9990 games for looong time until I noticed that technobytes is finally selling the cartridge again! WoW couldn't be happier Smile

Please stay safe everyone

By Grauw

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16-08-2020, 20:27

Grauw wrote:

I have a package from the US that was sent on May 14th with USPS and still hasn’t arrived. The last tracking update was on June 14th Sad. They passed the point of using Corona as an excuse if you ask me. But Mustang thanks for your elaboration, it does explain a lot.

On August 13th my package was delivered at last! So only took a day shy of three months to arrive Smile.

But other than the delivery time I have nothing to complain about, it arrived in good condition.

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