[WTS] Metal Gear, Vampire Killer and many more - all starting €0,99

By gustavobk

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16-04-2021, 07:31

soo...should bind one by one on ebay or can make a list of all I would like to buy?

By andallaco

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16-04-2021, 13:05

Thanks sdsnatcher73, to keep under control! But who knows at what price they will arrive at the end of the 9 days of the auction .. ?? !!

By sdsnatcher73

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16-04-2021, 13:53

Bidding is on the individual items, final price is of course determined by the highest bidder. Some will surely end higher than others.

By rolandve

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16-04-2021, 21:54

Action usually happens in the last minutes, so set an alarm for the last minutes.