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By Metalion

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25-09-2009, 20:09

MSX Café is now also down and for good this time SadSadSadSad
There's a message saying that the MSX adventure continues on MRC or MSXBlue :
Sad days indeed for the french speaking MSX community ...

There had been rumors every now and then about PassionMSX and MSXCafé merging (again). Now that PassionMSX is down, that MSXCafé is down ... and that MSXBlue is born, I have a strong feeling that those rumors finally came true. I hope this is the case, because it would mean that all goodies and files from MSXCafé are safe and sound.

If this is not the case, everything might be lost ... Except for some files saved by some users.

I am quite angry at the fact that users (like me) have not been warned several days before, so that we could have been collecting our things, and downloading some goodies before everything closed down like that. I find it very unrespectful of everything we posted, every contribution we made ... All of my 350+ posts over there are lost forever.

I was moderator on the MSXCafé forum, and absolutely no one told me about it !!!
I am pissed off !!!!!!!!!


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By Ivan

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25-09-2009, 21:55

There was lots of valuable MSX information and data on those sites. I hope they will be back online soon!

By Manuel

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25-09-2009, 22:28

Yep, I think they got the most extensive MSX demo collection, amongst other things!

By jltursan

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25-09-2009, 23:04

Yep, ...and also Karoshi forums were to date one of the most valuable MSX programming resources in Spanish and english.

But....are we talking of a total loose of info? Shocked!

By aoineko

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25-09-2009, 23:05

Damn! I'm the king of bad timings!
Last time I wanted to take some time on MSX, the OneShip MSX was just sold out and this time, MSXCafe and PassionMSX are close!
I really hope all articles, goodies and more that was on this site will be preserve for the future,
Mauvaise nouvelle Crying

By Ivan

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25-09-2009, 23:23

Moreover, no other website could fill the gap left with their disappearance (still no, sorry). Bring them back online NOW!!!

By dumfrog

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26-09-2009, 11:00

I'm not surprised and you shouldn't be, Metalion...

Once a year, Penguin (webmaster) was becoming mad about (choose) : people not contributing, someone had said something about him, etc, etc.

The site has almost been closed 3 ou 4 times and had become a forum.

By sinus

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26-09-2009, 12:05

Both MSXcafé & PassionMSX are amazing indeed! Very cool concepts, and a lot of work behind (too much for a few people?), quality of exchanges & resources, both of these French teams (that could be one and only!)... Hmmm, I don't understand why MSXcafé should stop with such a "good bye friends" message, hope there's nothing serious behind and everyone is fine. I also hope it's just temporary / or at least that the content is safe somewhere, before being resurrected! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Franckfr

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26-09-2009, 12:10

I'm (was) one MSX Cafe's Webmasters.
The Cafe has been shut down without any previous notice. It was a shock for me as well oO
I don't know why the Café has been shut down and I don't believe it will be reopened in the same way.

I'm thinking about a new Café somewhere else. The french MSX community has lost its two forums in the same week, it's a shame.
Fortunately, I've saved on my computer the backup of Café as of 18th of September. I will try to recover the data but I'm not sure I will.

Good luck for all french MSX fans.

[Same message in french below]
Je suis Franck75 anciennement l'un des Webmaster du MSXCafé.
Comme vous vous en êtes certainement rendu compte, le Café a été brutalement fermé. Cela a été pour deux des Webmasters une surprise totale. Je ne pense pas que le Café réouvrira, du moins sous sa forme.
Je suis en train de réfléchir au futur du Café ailleurs. La communauté française des MSXiens a énormément perdu cette semaine et plus aucun forum actif n'existe, ce qui est vraiment dommage.
Heureusement, j'ai sauvegardé sur mon PC une sauvegarde du Café. La mauvaise nouvelle est que je ne sais pas encore comment ouvrir ni exploiter l'archive pour l'instant.

Bon courage à tous les MSXiens !

By Metalion

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26-09-2009, 13:13

Once a year, Penguin (webmaster) was becoming mad about (choose) : people not contributing, someone had said something about him, etc, etc.I know all about Penguin and its periods of madness, but this time it seems definitive ...

Je suis Franck75 anciennement l'un des Webmaster du MSXCafé.Hi Franck, glad to see you here, and glad to read that you were able to save the MSXCafé files as of the 18th of september Smile
At least we know that everything is not lost !

By Franckfr

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26-09-2009, 13:23

Hi Metalion. Good to read you.
Will let you know what will happen with the files Smile

Good luck.

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