Photo shoots question

By Plínio

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13-09-2005, 21:41

Let me know if is possible to have a new notification when have a new photo shoots comments, and if is possible to show the comments in other languages.

Example (with suggestion):

photo 10 of msx encounter (seeing as english photoshot).
I posted an photo reaction and other guy post above my reaction, how i will can know if the guy has been post about my reaction ?
Is a good to able the notifier (if is possible).

Other suggestion for MRC webmaster.
When I see an photo shoot (seeing as brazilian photoshot) could be show in below, if have comments (msx country - total of 4) want to see? clicking on + show the comments.

hey, have comments of this photo as msx.dutch, you want to see ? (uncollapses thread photo reactions)

This is a good mode to integrate all contents and all photo reactions. Wink

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