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26-09-2003, 04:24

In September 2003 the MSX Resource Center opened an online MSX software webshop. In our webshop people can browse for software, pay with paypal and instantly
download the product when the transaction is completed.

With an average of 2500 visitors a day (and counting), very active discussion forums and a frontpage that covers all the MSX news around the world the MRC is the ideal platform for software distribution to the rest of the MSX Community. If you have developed MSX Software in the past, or if you are planning to release new products we would like you to consider distributing them on the MRC. We can offer you the following options

1. - Addition to the freeware downloads database.

2. - Addition to the webshop as low budget release. Your product will be sold at a very low price (1 to 5 euro's) in our webshop. Because of this low price you will not recieve any money for this product, you can consider this product as a donation to the MRC. One of the benefits is your product is still copyrighted. Every disk will be accompanied with an MRC-style disklabel and manual.

3. - Addition to the webshop as normal release. Your product will be sold at a price you decide yourself. 75% of the sale price is all yours. 15% of it goes straight to Paypal, the remaining 10% is for the MRC. You can supply your own disklabel and a manual in PDF format if you like. Ofcourse you are free to use the MRC-style as well.

Some frequently asked questions

Q: Am I still allowed to publish my software elsewhere, e.g. in a boxed version?
A: Of course you are, and we are more than happy to refer to the website where boxed versions can be ordered from our webshop.

Q: When and how will the MRC pay me?
A: We will work with monthly payments using paypal.

Q: Can't you pay me on my bank account?
A: If you really want to receive money on your bank account

  • 1. All transaction fees are for you, the receiver of the money and will be deducted from the amount of money transfered
  • Payments will be made every quarter and only if the amount of money to pay exceeds € 25,-

Q: Can I see how often my product was sold?
A: Yes, we can attach your username to our database. We will send you the adress of a website where you can monitor your sales real-time.

Q: How many products can I sell on your webshop
A: Who knows. Imagine a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week MSX fair with more than 2000 visitors a day. The MRC webshop is such a fair. All the people who are most likely to be interested in buying your products visit our website and thus the webshop. Although we can not estimate actual figures yet we are convinced that you can't sell more anywhere else.

So, would you like to offer your creations to the MSX Community? Contact us at and we will gladly add your products.

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