Retroaction #3

par wolf_ on 16-09-2009, 13:25
Sujet: Media

A few days ago, the third issue of Retroaction was released. In the first two issues of this -good looking- digital magazine MSX got its fair share of attention already, and luckily this third issue again features MSX! Within the 88 pages, here's how MSX gets mentioned:

  • A short newspost about MSXdev'09.
  • A short newspost about the harvest of the first edition of the PassionMSX2 contest and the announcement of the second edition of this contest
  • A review of RetroWorks "Knight Lore MSX2", which receives an overall score of 85% (92% for the graphics)
  • A review of Karoshi's "La Corona Encantada", which receives an overall score of 84%
  • A review of Infinite's "Shift", which receives an overall score of 85%

As mentioned above, this free magazine really looks great, the 88 pages are crammed with text, color, images and screenshots. Recommended!

Relevant link: Retroaction magazine

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Par MäSäXi

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17-09-2009, 12:31

Makers of that magazine doesn´t seem to know that some of those games were ported to MSX too....

Par wolf_

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17-09-2009, 12:48

Could be. Assuming that these editors are people like you and me, do you know every port of every retro game? I wouldn't, for sure.

Par lionelritchie

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17-09-2009, 23:46

if you dont know and are writing an article, at least google

Par JohnHassink

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18-09-2009, 11:54

Indeed. I'd say, with the existence of internet and all its Google and the likes, there's really no excuse to not know.
Look at these guys having all their stuff right

Oh well, I've also seen serious reviews of a Ninja Gaiden game where the writer thought the series first got started on the PlayStation, so it's not only with MSX.

Par MäSäXi

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18-09-2009, 12:56

I knew that my words would give reaction like what wolf got..

It´s not a big thing, but the real reason why I said that, was that in the 80s, it was always sad to see game adverts that all interesting games were NOT published on msx... of course...... I had the "wrong" computer.... but what was IRRITATING then, was game adverts which didn´t mention msx when even *I* knew that their game IS available for msx too!!!! That was irritating!!!! And now, after twenty-years, same happens again.... it´s not a big thing anymore, but still it irritates, even if just a very little, but anyway.... that´s what I meant.

They have made good web-magazine, that´s not a problem. Smile

Par lionelritchie

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18-09-2009, 19:49

hardcore gaming doesnt have all the info right, but at least its a very funny site and the guys fix stuff when you show them theres something wrong.

Par Nreive

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25-09-2009, 16:48

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback here. While we work really hard on the magazine, there are bound to be errors that creep in. I do try and cover all formats (including MSX), but if you do spot something wrong (e.g. MSX version not mentioned in an article) then do please let us know. We can only correct errors if we know about them, and we don't bite, honestly. Thanks again.


Par hap

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25-09-2009, 16:59

Don't worry, we love the magazine! Smile
The nitpicking is just nerds being nerds.