Where can I find GR8NET?

Par foody

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22-11-2021, 08:16

Is there a store where I can buy this?

Thanks in advance.

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Par tfh

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22-11-2021, 10:10

foody wrote:

Is there a store where I can buy this?

Thanks in advance.

There is no shop. You can buy it by contacting the creator himself. His contact details are on his website:

Par SjaaQ

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23-11-2021, 13:26

Eugeny produces two major items:
* GR8BIT (do it youself kit MSX)
* GR8NET (multifunction cartridge for MSX)
There are two versions of the GR8NET, the default stereo one and the audiophile version which has better circuity for audio.
Just contact Eugeny Brychkov at info @ gr8bit . ru.

Par ssfony

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23-11-2021, 10:22

I received one a few days ago, it is a very nice device. Eugeny did a wonderful job.

Par sunn

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23-11-2021, 10:28


The MSX.org admins could maybe fill in details about the Gr8net home page.

Par Randam

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23-11-2021, 10:33

the wiki is open to all to edit. Not just admins.