Delta Softs Christmas present and patch v1.1

Delta Softs Christmas present and patch v1.1

par TheKid on 17-12-2021, 22:51
Sujet: Software

The end 2021 in a festive way, Delta Soft releases a free Windows tool, the OohnoGrams Pixelator, for all the people who bought OohnoGrams. This tool makes is possible to modify or create your own puzzles to use in the game. The manual is embedded in the tool itself. The tool is bilingual, namely Dutch and English.

So if you didn't have enough with the 350 puzzles in the game, just create your own puzzles.
Download it at the Delta Soft site.

Delta Soft also released patch 1.1 for OohnoGrams. As it seemed a small graphical bug appeared when chosing Extra disks. This is now corrected in this patch. Just download the zipfile and overwrite the file logo.bas on the first diskette. (or the CF directory).
When starting the game, in the lower right corner, the number 1.1 will confirm the patching was successfull.
The patch can be found on the Delta Soft website.

Deta Soft wishes all of you a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new MSX year.

Relevant links:
Download Level tool for Windows
Download Patch V1.1

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Par Randam

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22-12-2021, 09:22

Very nice Christmas present to release the PIxelator puzzle creator. That is a nice really nice extra release. I really like Oohnograms. It's a game very well suited to the MSX. Very nice to play with nice music and great puzzles.

Will have some fun with the editor and make some new puzzles as well Smile

Thanks Delta Santa for this nice Christmas present.