same game on NES and MSX, the best version?

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By hap

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30-03-2012, 14:37

Most of us are devoted to MSX. It's gonna be hard to claim that MoG is better on the Famicom/NES. =p

By benedick

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30-03-2012, 15:10

The scroll never was an issue for me; MSX2 over NES every day.
Am I the only one who actually enjoys the choppy scroll of msx's Gradius? Back at the that time I played first msx and only after the arcade version; I never liked the arcade because it scrolls too fast, you fly to the end of the game too fast. I like to enjoy the slow pace of the msx.

By Akiguchi

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30-03-2012, 16:03

That NES MoG is a disgrace compared to MSX version. It's a lot shorter and it don't have the same adventure feeling with not so fun and free exploring castle map.

By Wolverine_nl

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30-03-2012, 16:15

Not to mention the horrible MG NES version...OMFG!

By meits

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30-03-2012, 18:15

Yes ofcourse MoG on MSX will always win, but the things better on the NES are the graphics, it scrolls, and the music (which could be done the same way on an MSX)... Must say that without extensive documentation and a lot of endurance, the MSX version is too hard (I know you all know the way through it because you played it a lot, but that's not the issue here)...

Metal Gear on the NES has a lot in common with the MSX version, graphical wise and map wise... It's just different... I'd like to play it sometime... Snake's Revenge is nothing I'd like to touch though Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Akiguchi

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30-03-2012, 19:39

Overall I think MSX beats NES in versatility: MSX has nice graphics and better music than NES, MSX has those more depth rpg's, adult themed games, and in MSX you could also play those Spectrum / C64 styled european games and even lots of games from NES itself. Of course NES wins in those Mario styled platforms and beat 'em up action games, but for games with more depth it is all MSX.

By PingPong

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30-03-2012, 23:40

Ehm... I think our MoG sucks rather hard compared to NES.

Tecnically speaking a game like this could be done better on msx2. nothing special. there are some others games that are possible on NES but very hard on msx1/2

By st1mpy

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23-01-2015, 01:05

Its 30 years too late but I bought a NES on ebay recently, and have been playing it this evening. Back in the 80s I didn't own one because we were given a MSX but played on the Famicom quite a lot at my friends. I didn't notice then, but NES sound is weak compared to the MSX, I like the tone of the sound but it seems to lack in polyphony or something I thought the sound chip was broken. In games like Xevious it just can't handle all different sounds at the same time. Even on Gradius apart from the scroll, I even prefer the MSX version. (And Salamander on he NES is terrible...)

By fernando.collazo.5682

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23-01-2015, 17:40

Do not forget that the best NES games have some kind of Mapper that improves the hardware in many ways, as several scroll plans, better sound and graphics. SMB 3 and Kirby could never been so fantastic without Mappers used in these games.

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