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By edoz

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21-12-2011, 16:42

Is the V9990 chip ever used in other (non MSX) hardware ? Does anyone know this ?


By mars2000you

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21-12-2011, 17:09

The 3DO console contains 2 V9990 video processors.






By msd

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21-12-2011, 18:12

No v9990 in the 3d0. That's a mith.

By Arjan

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21-12-2011, 18:33

here's a picture of the 3do's main board:

By msd

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21-12-2011, 19:02

The  video processors of the 3do are called the clio and the madam. The specs tottaly don't look like a v9990

By Bogogil

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28-12-2011, 00:19

I use the V9990 with an homebrewed 68k computer. As far as I know, there is no commercial use other than the MSX market. Although Yamaha intented to use it for IBM compatible graphic cards, I don't know, if one ever existed.



By msd

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28-12-2011, 09:22

Of course there is the V9990 evulation board by yamaha, as listed in there manual. I've seen it twice. I think the first time was in tilburg 1994. sunrise swiss demonstraded it and someone I know bought it. later I think he sold it to a pc owner, but not sure about this.

By Albert Pieter Dotinga

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24-11-2016, 00:14

Klaas de wind?

By l_oliveira

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24-11-2016, 14:28

msd wrote:

No v9990 in the 3d0. That's a mith.

3DO uses dual ported VRAM (same type of DRAM chips the V9990 uses) and it uses exactly 1MB of that (enough for two V9990s) and that explains the origin of the myth.

Real 3DO video hardware is similar to the PS1 video (frame buffer based) which works like older PCs VGA.

By gflorez

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09-04-2019, 03:01

I have found the proof that the V9990 was used on a commercial pachinko machine(like a bet coin machine) in Japan. Its name was "Ikoma memorial II"(「生駒記念II」). It was a mechanical machine with a 4'' LCD screen on the middle of the frontal panel. I have not found a better picture of it:

Later it was emulated for an unknown games console. The pachinko game was collected on a pack by a company named Parlor:

There is a video of the simulated machine, so we can imagine what was shown on that small 4-inch screen:
On this link, a Japanese guy has taken away the screen of one of these real pachinko machines to make himself a PS2 monitor....
Here is the google translated page.
On it you can see some pictures of the controller PCB for the little LCD:

By gflorez

Resident (63)

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09-04-2019, 02:55


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