by wolf_ on 23-12-2011, 23:30
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We're facing the Christmas days again, and soon we'll be ending this year to make space for 2012. Before that meteorite will blast us to kingdom come in 2012 - or so the Mayans thought - Near Dark felt like releasing a christmas greeting into the MSX world in shape of a small demo disk. Music is provided by Meits and requires any opl4. No traditional psalms or carols, but think of two Christmas pop classics, and you'll guess at least one of them right. Now available on an MSX2 near you. "Ho ho ho!" Santa

Relevant link: Disxmas

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24-12-2011, 10:21

Merry Christmas 

By mesiasmsx

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24-12-2011, 13:20

MsXMAS and thanks.

By Evhor

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25-12-2011, 00:01

Merry Christmast everybody ^_^/

By mars2000you

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25-12-2011, 20:30

Very nice demo !  Merry Christmas ! Santa

By meits

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25-12-2011, 22:28

It's about as much as I could squeeze out of basic. And nope, I'm not an experienced coder Big smile

By Manuel

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26-12-2011, 17:21

"We zijn allemaal dikke sloeries"?

By meits

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26-12-2011, 20:21

wtf... is the tst txt still to be found Tongue ?

If so, I think I better start bringen brenches to the dark master, to keep his fire lit Running Naked in a Field of Flowers