Which Non-MSX-Controllers use for MSX2?

By Danco

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13-09-2012, 23:58

Hi guys,
I am a new MSX2-owner, so yes - I am very happy about this Big smile
Have a question about Non-MSX-Controllers which I can use without problems to play games on my MSX2?
I have heard that with Atari or Master System/ Mega Drive Controllers there is not possible to play games with the second button.
I am MSX-Newbie, so I will not destroy my MSX2 BA-team
Hope someone can help me... Thx


By sd_snatcher

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14-09-2012, 00:21

Sega Genesis/Megadrive joypads can be used when connected to a simple joymega adapter:


By bennyroger

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14-09-2012, 19:15

You will NOT destroy your MSX by using Atari/C64/Amiga controllers, I never had a MSX joytick in the 80's only Atari/C64 style and it worked fine except that a second firebutton is not present on these controllers.

By Colemu

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14-09-2012, 21:43

I modified a Competition Pro to use both buttons(fire 1 & fire2), best solution, best joystick in my opinion