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By Briqunullus

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08-03-2022, 18:36

I'm tempted to say those Philips numbers end in a 5 digit serial as well. That number is almost always in the 0 to 39999 range. Only the D6450 reaches up to 60000. However, all of the 8245's have a 30000-something number and never below that.

By sdsnatcher73

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07-04-2022, 15:51

Possibly the last HB-F1II ever produced? It has quite a high serial number and the label is in an odd place (usually it is in the space where the VCI label is). My guess this was intentional.

By Takamichi

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22-11-2022, 12:25

I am not posting any serial no but have a question. This page dedicated to Hitachi HC-90/95 states its sales continued well after Panasonic FS-A1GT was discontinued in early 1994. The webmaster knows/develops many stuffs like Konami EC700 dumper and 2+ to turboR upgrade so I think his claim isn't baseless. He also offers other interesting topics like HC-95 with HDD and LAN. Does anyone own unnaturally new HC-90/95 with high serial number?

By RvS

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23-11-2022, 11:53

Another NMS8245 in the register #27031028

By sdsnatcher73

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11-12-2022, 07:34

I have had 2 Sony HB-F1XD computers with “odd” serials. The first was 307618, the second 303468. If you have seen some Sony MSX computers then you may have noticed that all (okay most) Japanese machines have a serial starting with 2 and all European machines have a serial starting with 4. A clear scheme with the exception of these 2 machines now. So is there anyone who knows what the 3 series was for? The 2 I have are otherwise regular HB-F1XD (Japanese) machines.

I could imagine this 3 series was used for a different (non consumer) sales channel. But as there are not many machines with this 3 (not have I seen anything other than XD machines with it) I does by it was anything demanding high numbers. So not schools or government.

By Devourer_ITA

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03-01-2023, 18:24

Lemme add mine

Sakhr AX-370 is 01-1601714

Yamaha CX5MII/128B is 001097 (matches with the box! Also my box is different than the one on MSX Wiki if someone is interested)

By Alakran69

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27-02-2023, 17:47

Panasonic FS-A1WX: 9AAMF26927

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