Konami Games on sale, Special shipment rate to Mexico and Brazil

By daniel683104

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05-08-2013, 18:21


As you know I have several work trips to numerous places, by the middle of this month I will be at Sao Paulo and at the end at Mexico DF from where I could have the chance to sent any of this games at lower shipment rates (just the local rates).

This is the list and some of the pictures of the games available (some of the list games have not been picture but if you are interested I will sent you some)


Knightmare (Jap Ver)
Skyjaguar (Eu Ver)
The Goonies (Jp Ver)
Hyper Sports 2 (Jap Ver)
Konami Baseball (jap Ver)
Parodious (Jap Ver)
F1 Spirit (Jap Ver)
F1 Spirit Special (Jap Ver)
Quart (Jap Ver)
Penguin Adventure (Jap Ver)
Penant Race 1 (Jp Ver)
Penant Race 2 (Jp Ver)
King Kong 2 (Jp Ver)
Shalom/ Knightmare 3 (Jp Ver)
Hyper Olimpic 1 (Jp Ver Orange Box)
Video Hustler (Jp Versión Orange Box)

Some incomplete games such

Hyper Rally (Jp Ver, No Manual)
Tween bee (Jp Ver, No Manual)
Hyper Sports 2 (Jp Versión, No Manula, Orange Box)
Juno First (No manual)
Billards (No Manual)
Frogger (loose Game)
Pooyang (Loose game with Bee card)
Mopiranger (loose game)
Ping Pong (Loose Game)


By emmanoferreira76

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10-08-2013, 15:37

Hello! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm interested in some of these games, but there's no price specification. I guess it would be easier if you described the prices for each cartridge in the post, beside the cartridge title. Thanks!

By raymond

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11-08-2013, 07:44

I would be interested in the price information as well Big smile

By daniel683104

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11-08-2013, 09:42

This is the list Price, The shipment is appart and depends of the total weight of the package:

Knightmare 45
Skyjaguar 40
The Goonies 45
Hyper Sports 2 40
Baseball 45
Parodious 90
F1 Spirit 70
F1 Spirit Especial 70
Penant Race 1 60
Penant Race 2 60
King Kong 2 60
Shalom 60
Hyper Olimpic 1 45e
Video Hustler 260e

Hyper Rally 30e
Tween bee 30e
Juno First 30e
Billards 25e
Frogger 60e
Pooyang 60e (including the bee card adaptor)
Mopiranger 15e
Ping Pong 15 e