MSX Console resets or hangs with multipart WAV loading

By jim.d.atwood

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03-07-2014, 01:47

Hello everyone,

I live in Japan and recently found used a "minty" Yamaha YIS503II MSX console. It came with several cartridges such as the Yamaha FM Voicing Program II, FM Music Composer II, and FM Music Macro II. It also came with the YK-20 controller keyboard and the SFG-05 FM Sound Module underneath. I "believe" the YIS503II is an MSX1 version. The startup screen says Microsoft 1.0 so I'm assuming that means it's MSX1. There is no FDD unfortunately, BUT I did get the caslink cable with it.

Recently I've been trying to transfer audio WAV files to the YIS503II using my computer. I found a Yamaha ROM collection and converted those files to WAV format using Caslink2 and MicroWAV Runner which actually worked best for me. I successfully was able to load the YRM-103 DX7 Voicing Program which was only one part. However, since then I've been unsuccessful at loading any other program. I noticed that any program that has two .bin files or "part 1 and part 2" do not load in the YIS503II. Instead I either get a hanging MSX machine, OR a reset and then back to an OK prompt.

I've tried several other programs (msxr2b,msxf2w,waveglue,caslink,mwaver, etc.) to create different WAV files with different settings but all result in a reset or hanging of the MSX box. I also tested all of my ROMs using the blueMSX Emulator and they all work beautifully so it seems the ROMS do work but perhaps only with an Emulator.

I'm sure there must be some MSX enthusiasts out there who have experienced this sort of reset or hanging issue. I've seen some similar posts, but posted long ago and none have updated their question with a response. I'd like to know if that means I'm out of luck, or whether perhaps there is some sort of user error on my part. Any insight would be great appreciated. I'm running out of things to test. Thanks!

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By bennyroger

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03-07-2014, 19:12

It could be that the pause between the two files is too short, try pausing a bit between a multiload file.

By Manuel

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03-07-2014, 22:11

As Grauw said in the other thread, it's more likely that the program is loaded into RAM which is needed for the program itself. (It didn't come in ROM for nothing...)