GFXlib ported to SDCC

By andrear1979

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18-05-2015, 02:07

Hi guys,

you probably remember GFXlib by Rafael Jannone. It's a C library for Hitech-C that provides graphic functions for SCREEN 2 and basic PSG capabilities, with a fair amount of examples included. Recently I forked it and ported it to SDCC.

SDCC doesn't offer a builtin MSX GFX library, so probably everyone reinvented the wheel until now. The best coders probably made their excellent private wheels, but it's a hard task for beginners. I hope this tiny port project may help them.

So: if you have time and curiosity try it! if you find errors let me know: comments, hints, testcases and patches are of course more than welcome, thank you in advance.

Remarks and advices:

Kindest regards, Andrea.

- relevant link: the SDCC port of MSX GFXlib