Philips NMS 1510 data recorder issues

By ramonsmits

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14-12-2015, 13:43

I bought a second hand NMS 1510 and cleaned the externals and the heads. Putting in a casette starts playingsometimes works flawlessly the more tape it has rolled the more difficulty it has to play them. The recorder almost slows down as if there is lots of resistance.

Removing the casette and roting with a finger does not seem like any resistance at all.

Maybe I need to lubricate some internals?

Does any one have any experience with such issues?


By Manuel

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14-12-2015, 21:54

Does it have a rubber band/string/belt? If yes, it might be worn out.

By ramonsmits

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14-12-2015, 21:58

Yes, it has a rubber belt. I tried more cassettes and most of them seem to load. Have not tried it on a real MSX. Currently saving them as .wav files for fun :-)