Brazilian MSX community takes a stand against piracy

Brazilian MSX community takes a stand against piracy

by rjp on 14-05-2016, 12:27
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Following recent events on an MSX-related group on Facebook, members of the Brazilian MSX community felt the need to give a clear signal against piracy of scene releases on MSX. A heated discussion took place after the promotion of a torrent that contained, amongst others, scene releases from Matra and KAI Magazine that are on sale on platforms like Retro Factory, Matranet, Bitwise and MSX Cartridge Shop.

It's not the first time the MSX community struggles with scene piracy. In the 1990s, Impact coined the slogan "Copy = Crime" in their Impaccable demo and more recently Kralizec halted their MSX activities after the copy protection of their Goonies 'r' Good Enough was broken. Sadly, it's a thing of all times, but petitions like these show there are plenty of MSX users that support MSX developers that prefer to put their software on sale.

More information can be found in both English and Portuguese on the petition site.

Relevant link: petition against software piracy

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18-05-2016, 23:20

The earlier discussion got way out of hand with a lot of name calling, accusations and trolling and other behavior we will not tolerate here on MRC. As a result we had to clean up the mess and block the trolls.

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