forum policy vs constructive attitudes

By nitrofurano

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25-05-2016, 20:23

I'm starting this thread here, and i hope this thread and respective messages will not be removed, for the sake of a constructive, mature and sane discussion and behaviour

I was one of those posted some messages at , and my point was mostly about Nina Paley’s point about situations like that, just a honest opinion that i wanted to share and enrich the topic, only constructively

And then, for my surprise, the messages from there were removed, included mine ones, which situation made me feel also guilty about the situation without knowing at all what happened

And then i found this - and from there i recalled how unfair were that situation of GuyveR800 and BiFi were banned or stepped down, and as i wanted to be honest with myself, i just left forum for about 10 years (from that time, people might saw that i were quite active at msxposse forum, and not here at all, and that was because this situation) - anyway, i really hope that one day we are going to have GuyveR800 back in this forum one day soon

And so, i contacted Jorito as personal message here in this forum for asking more information about that, and no answers at all up to now - i really wonder why... :S - i always believe that a person that is convict of his attitudes always have nothing to hide, just like all (and i believe most of people here) try to be - humbly thinking, we are all human beings, with the right of committing mistakes, and then having the huge and amazing opportunity of learning from them

Not wanting and not going to offend anyone (see that i'm going to use some terms that might be interpreted as offensive, but i can’t find other ones that would help to explain the situation as clearly as needed, really sorry about), and since i'm often participative in a lot of communities (related to software-libre development, retro-computing (like this), or resource-based economy (like The Venus Project) ), one thing that i am hugely concerned is about Godwin’s laws, or Bozo-like attitudes from admins (sadly, these attitudes exists and persists quite commonly in communities all around - and the historic of this forum, also sadly, and saying honestly, wasn’t an exception) - so, again, sorry if i offended anyone, i have to mention the situation this way, because i'm really hugely concerned about it, for the main reason that i really love the retro scene (like most of we are, i think), i love trying to be part of it, and i really feel in my heart seeing it attacked or destroyed this way, or at least having a serious risk of it.

Humbly, i would ask for people commenting below not going to transform this thread into a jungle (i think that only talking about the giraffes and jackals as from Marshall Rosenberg’s workshop about non-violent communication is far enough - - it is 3 hours long, and really worth seeing! - btw, i think this one from Henry Schlinger, is also very good: )

This thread is just about my honest and huge concern about this situation - and just please let me know if i offended someone, or if it was wrong starting this thread and why - thanks, and hugs to everyone!!! \o/


By anonymous

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25-05-2016, 20:53

You don't have to fear we'll remove a constructive, mature and sane discussion from the site, so don't worry.

The problem is that the petition against software piracy discussion that was removed was far from constructive, mature and sane. Therefore we as admins discussed it at length and decided that it was so utterly unconstructive and insane that we felt we had to go to the extreme measure to delete all of it. A first for us, and hopefully the last time.

As for not replying to your message: totally not intentional. I simply missed the email completely, and if you hadn't pointed it out just now I still wouldn't have replied.

As for the rest, I'll happily lean back and listen to this discussion and get a sense of how the community feels about it.

By nitrofurano

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25-05-2016, 22:21

@Jorito thanks a lot for such reply and clarification! Smile - as you can imagine, such situations really concerns me a lot - later i found that this backup (thanks a lot for that one who made and shared it, without that i wouldn’t have any idea of what happened, at all) seems to have most of the discussion (btw, would be great if this forum could have some feature of having everything backed up, even in situations worse than that), that i only saw i lost the opportunity to defend myself from a far inaccurate (and perhaps manipulative) answer of something i said far in the beginning, far before all that mess happened - and behaviourism, specially as a science (the book Walden Two from B.F. Skinner is really very worth reading - an audio-version of this book also exist, narrated from the same author), and when applied in communities, is a thing that interests me a lot, because all situations happening (like this one) is a huge and excellent opportunity for learning, for sharing the experience of learning as knowledge, and helping improving the community as a whole - interesting is that behaviourism were being considered the most neglected and tabooed science in the past, and in the future it is very probably becoming one of the most relevant ones, it is really a field very worth studying - and thanks a lot! :) )

btw, the comments at seems very interesting to follow - as any science and anything related to scientific thinking, seeing feedback of what looks like not working always helps a lot on providing very significant improvements! ;)