Checking interest for DalSoRi version 2

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By Retrofan

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07-02-2017, 18:38

Hi guys,

Some time ago I was distributor for JunSoft's DalSoRi OPL4 sound cartridge.
Now JunSoft contacted me again with news that Jun is preparing DalSoRi version 2 with more features.
He wants to know which option you guys want. There are two options:

1. OPL4 + 4 MB RAM + BIOS ROM/RAM + ADPCM (+SAMPLE RAM) : 250 USD without case (PCB doesn't fit Overrich case unfortunately)

2. OPL4 + 4 MB RAM + BIOS ROM/RAM: 130 USD with Overrich case.

He also told me that Korean MSX users are not much interested in ADPCM and BIOS since MSX-AUDIO is not well known in Korea. But maybe option 2 is great enough for us!

Please mention your choice and we will see Wink Prices are excluding shippingcost/customs and maybe some costs for distribution (depends on demand)


By Sebbeug

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07-02-2017, 19:22

Great news,
i'm highly interested in a new batch of DalSoRi cartridge ! (was waiting for this news Big smile ).

For the first option : A case will be proposed ? (bigger than Overrich ?)
If yes, option 1 for me, if not option 2.

By Grauw

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07-02-2017, 19:57

Option 2 definitely sparks my interest, however I’ve got to watch my spending, so I can’t commit to a purchase unfortunately…

Option 1 is a nice technical project as well, really cool, but I don’t think it will be MSX-AUDIO compatible, except for software which uses the BIOS? (Most European software doesn’t…) Plus the cost and lack of case… less appealing to me.

By sd_snatcher

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07-02-2017, 20:39

I'm definitely interested in option-1. Only the price could be a bit lower...

It could be designed to fit in one of the bigger cases, like the Franky case, or the case used by the Tecnobytes Powergraph.


If I understood correctly from the previous threads, the option-2 would be fully compatible with both the MSX-Audio and the Moonsound even for software that don't use the BIOS. The ADPCM part would be implemented in FPGA or something like that. Combined with the BIOS, it's would be the definite sound expansion for the MSX. A Super MSX-Audio. :)

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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07-02-2017, 21:37

Really, really good to know.
For case 1. will ADPCM decoder be YMZ280B which is 8 voices PCM/ADPCM capable of 16MBytes maximum external address space? It could be a capable compendium to OPL4.
I already have a DalSoRi and I'm very happy of it, I guess case 2. is the same DalSoRi. I use it to play a lot of Amiga .MOD modules converted with mod2vgm and run with vgmplay.
I know new trackers and tools are suppose to come along hardware to leverage such huge potential (especially to justify option 1.). Cool
EDIT - Reading other replies, maybe I don't fully read BIOS part of the matter. Some more insight would be apreciated.

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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08-02-2017, 01:12

Now I see that both options with their 4 MBytes of RAM (Yamaha's chip maximum capability) have 4 times 1MBytes of previous released DalSoRi.

By syn

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08-02-2017, 01:49

First of al: looks VERY NICE! 4MB is just great Big smile I see plenty of musical opportunities of new trackers will support it (512 tones instead of 128, or massive samples Big smile).

GuyverR800 says MS2 will definitely support this bigger RAM it if he gets this cartridge, and he is definitely interested in a cart with OPL4 + 4MB RAM. MSX-AUDIO compatibility he doesn't care about.

I have some questions:

How will that msx-audio compatibility affect use in programs that support both msx-audio and moonsound at the same time? There aren't many but if I recall there are some, iirc some music disk(s?) where you can play both msx-audio songs and moonsound songs, and that chorus player by nyyrikki. And I still dream of a tracker that supports msxmusic+msxaudio+opl4+scc+psg.

Basically: would it be possible to use this Dalsori v2 (in OPL4 mode) seperately from another inserted MSX-audio cartridge.

And how close will a OPL4 in msx-audio compatibility mode be to a "real" Y8950?

I do hope this (the msx audio bios and msx-audio compatibility) can be toggled in a fixed setting (not one that I need to hold a key each time I power on, but a more permanent thing). It may still have its use as a occasional Music module replacement (if I don't need all its features) in a second msx, since my music module is already always in my expander.

I am not sure whether I will buy one right away (finance problems :P) but if I must choose, I pick option 2. ADPCM may be nice to have but the price is a bit much imo :D

By msd

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08-02-2017, 03:14

Cool, for sure you need to load the rom from file (2MB) to be compatible with the 'old' moonsound, but that data remains in the ram of the opl4 until power down. But who will make a program to use the 4MB?

By marcoo

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08-02-2017, 08:56

I'am very interested in both of them but
Option 1 I think a case is appreciated to protect the pcb and it is a bit on a high price
Option 2 is great to but you can't play moonblaster music with samples , if you want to replace the music module

So I Will go with the flow

By gdx

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08-02-2017, 10:17

I am interested in more details.

By Abi

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08-02-2017, 12:46

I am interested in both of them, option 1 only when it comes in a case, else option 2. For me same as Marco: I will go with the flow.

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