Freezing bug in Montana John?

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By wyrdwad

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28-09-2017, 20:04

wolf_ wrote:

The music was made for 50 Hz btw, that should be the correct speed.

Yeah, I know that's the intended game speed, but my TV doesn't support PAL signals (like, at all!), so I have no choice but to play in 60 Hz mode. It's pretty much that or nothing.

(Your music sounds really good in 60 Hz mode, though! In many ways, I kind of like it better that way, though that's probably just because that's what I'm used to now.)


By mars2000you

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28-09-2017, 22:58

Edwin wrote:

Glad you enjoyed it!

I can't recall any reports of freezes though. I did add a little thing to mess with those that were using the openmsx trainer to publish the cheat codes. The game "signs" the main game variables and if it detects that they have been changed, it will freeze on purpose. So it is theoretically possible that there is a bug that changes something when it shouldn't and thereby freezes the game. Still, never heard of it happening. If you have a reliable way of checking it, then it may worth to test the theory.

The cheats exist for blueMSX - Read carefully the tips to use them! - Note: the openMSX version is not available

!cheats for blueMSX :montanajohn
!(c) 2008 Benoît Delvaux and (c) 2008 Patrick van Arkel
!Be careful with sensible cheats !
!Select them before level - de-select them in level
!Level cheat must be changed manually between levels
!Don't use the maximum vitality/experience cheat with the no hanging cheat
0,639,0,0,open 2nd door level 6
0,671,0,0,open 2nd door level 6
0,703,0,0,open 2nd door level 6
0,735,0,0,open 2nd door level 6
0,767,0,0,open 2nd door levels 4 and 6
0,799,0,0,open 2nd door levels 4 and 6
0,831,0,0,open 2nd door levels 4 and 6
0,863,0,0,open 2nd door levels 4 and 6
0,1022,0,0,open 3rd door level 11
0,1054,0,0,open 3rd door level 11
0,1086,0,0,open 3rd door level 11
0,1118,0,0,open 3rd door level 11
0,1150,0,0,open 3rd door level 11
0,1182,0,0,open 3rd door level 11
0,1822,0,0,open door level 3
0,1854,0,0,open door level 3
0,1886,0,0,open door level 3
0,1918,0,0,open door level 3
0,1950,0,0,open door level 3
0,1982,0,0,open door level 3
0,2014,0,0,open door level 3
0,2046,0,0,open door level 3
0,2078,0,0,open door level 3
0,2110,0,0,open door level 3
0,2623,0,0,open door level 1
0,2655,0,0,open door level 1
0,2687,0,0,open door level 1
0,3808,0,0,open 2nd door level 9
0,3840,0,0,open 2nd door level 9
0,3872,0,0,open 2nd door level 9
0,3904,0,0,open 2nd door level 9
0,4127,0,0,open 1st door level 5
0,4159,0,0,open 1st door level 5
0,4191,0,0,open 1st door level 5
0,4223,0,0,open 1st door level 5
0,5311,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5343,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5375,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5407,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5438,0,0,open door level 8
0,5439,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5470,0,0,open door level 8
0,5471,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5502,0,0,open door level 8
0,5503,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5534,0,0,open door level 8
0,5535,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,5566,0,0,open door level 8
0,5567,0,0,open 3rd door level 9
0,6784,0,0,open 1st door level 9
0,6791,0,0,open 1st door level 11
0,6816,0,0,open 1st door level 9
0,6823,0,0,open 1st door level 11
0,6848,0,0,open 1st door level 9
0,6855,0,0,open 1st door level 11
0,6880,0,0,open 1st door level 9
0,6887,0,0,open 1st door level 11
0,7065,0,0,open 2nd door level 10
0,7070,0,0,open 2nd door level 11
0,7097,0,0,open 2nd door level 10
0,7102,0,0,open 2nd door level 11
0,7129,0,0,open 2nd door level 10
0,7134,0,0,open 2nd door level 11
0,7161,0,0,open 2nd door level 10
0,7166,0,0,open 2nd door level 11
0,7193,0,0,open 2nd door level 10
0,7225,0,0,open 2nd door level 10
0,7455,0,0,open door level 2 and 2nd door level 5
0,7461,0,0,open 1st door level 12
0,7487,0,0,open door level 2 and 2nd door level 5
0,7493,0,0,open 1st door level 12
0,7519,0,0,open door level 2 and 2nd door level 5
0,7525,0,0,open 1st door level 12
0,7551,0,0,open door level 2 and 2nd door level 5
0,7557,0,0,open 1st door level 12
0,7583,0,0,open 2nd door level 5
0,8159,0,0,open 1st door level 10
0,8191,0,0,open 1st door level 10
0,8223,0,0,open 1st door level 10
0,8255,0,0,open 1st door level 10
0,8416,0,0,open 1st door level 4
0,8448,0,0,open 1st door level 4
0,8480,0,0,open 1st door level 4
0,8512,0,0,open 1st door level 4
0,9247,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9279,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9311,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9343,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9375,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9407,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9439,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9471,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9503,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9535,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9567,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,9599,0,0,open 2nd door level 12
0,10844,0,0,open 1st door level 6
0,10876,0,0,open 1st door level 6
0,10908,0,0,open 1st door level 6
0,10940,0,0,open 1st door level 6
0,11085,0,0,open 3rd door level 10
0,11103,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11117,0,0,open 3rd door level 10
0,11135,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11149,0,0,open 3rd door level 10
0,11167,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11181,0,0,open 3rd door level 10
0,11199,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11213,0,0,open 3rd door level 10
0,11231,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11245,0,0,open 3rd door level 10
0,11263,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11295,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11327,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11359,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11391,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11423,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11455,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11487,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11519,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11551,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11583,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11615,0,0,open 3rd door level 12
0,11954,0,0,open door level 7
0,11986,0,0,open door level 7
0,12018,0,0,open door level 7
0,12050,0,0,open door level 7
0,12082,0,0,open door level 7
0,12114,0,0,open door level 7
0,12146,0,0,open door level 7
0,12607,0,0,open 4th door level 12
0,12639,0,0,open 4th door level 12
0,12671,0,0,open 4th door level 12
0,12703,0,0,open 4th door level 12
0,12735,0,0,open 4th door level 12
0,14175,0,0,open 5th door level 12
0,14207,0,0,open 5th door level 12
0,14239,0,0,open 5th door level 12
0,14271,0,0,open 5th door level 12
0,14303,0,0,open 5th door level 12
0,50048,0,0,immortal (de-select to jump, push blocks or open doors)
0,50051,0,0,immortal (de-select to jump, push blocks or open doors)
0,50053,231,0,vitality (sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50054,3,0,vitality (sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50055,0,0,immortal (de-select to jump, push blocks or open doors)
0,50057,0,0,level (0-11; sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50065,231,0,experience (sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50066,3,0,experience (sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50076,8,0,crystals (sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50081,6,0,maximum vitality-experience (0-6; sensible cheat; see remark)
0,50082,1,0,no hanging in cheat mode when collecting hearts
0,51387,0,0,empty slot 1
0,51387,1,0,yellow key slot 1
0,51387,0,0,green key slot 1
0,51390,0,0,empty slot 2
0,51390,1,0,yellow key slot 2
0,51390,0,0,green key slot 2
0,51616,130,0,1st enemy position
0,51617,0,0,1st enemy position
0,51620,130,0,2nd enemy position
0,51621,0,0,2nd enemy position
0,51624,130,0,3rd enemy position
0,51625,0,0,3rd enemy position
0,51628,130,0,4th enemy position
0,51629,0,0,4th enemy position
0,51632,130,0,5th enemy position
0,51633,0,0,5th enemy position
0,51636,130,0,6th enemy position
0,51637,0,0,6th enemy position
0,51640,130,0,7th enemy position
0,51641,0,0,7th enemy position
0,51644,130,0,8th enemy position
0,51645,0,0,8th enemy position
0,51648,130,0,9th enemy position
0,51649,0,0,9th enemy position
0,51652,130,0,10th enemy position
0,51653,0,0,10th enemy position
0,51656,130,0,11th enemy position
0,51657,0,0,11th enemy position
0,51660,130,0,12th enemy position
0,51661,0,0,12th enemy position

By Edwin

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28-09-2017, 23:24

I managed to reproduce the hang. It'll take some time to track it down though.

By tonigalvez

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21-05-2021, 14:49

Hello @edwin.

Can you please provide me a link to "Montana John and the Templar's Treasure 1.1 "? please? because I can not find anywhere to get the game.

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