MSX World Calendar

MSX World Calendar

by supmsx on 21-12-2018, 12:31
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Hello to all MSX users and fans

Once again and since 2015 user Supmsx is creating great MSX Calendar to use on PC (windows and Flash required).
There is the classic version (16 languages but still the Arabic in development) as also one special dedicated to Compile (English and Japanese only).

Related download link:
MSX world calendar

Merry Xmas and Happy new year everyone wishing all the MSX best for this coming year

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コメント (5)

By GuilianSeed

Master (157)

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21-12-2018, 18:51

Congrats & thank you Supmsx Smile Smile Smile
I wish you the best, merry Xmas @ happy new year !

By hamlet

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22-12-2018, 17:18

Added some of the pictures to the news post, which are great! Thanks Supmsx!

By supmsx

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22-12-2018, 21:39

MSX Forever Wink

By diederick76

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23-12-2018, 16:16

And Adobe Flash forever, apparently.

By Wlcracks

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31-12-2018, 21:07

that's amazing thanks for sharing.