opening NMS 8245 case help needed

By charliefrown

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30-03-2019, 14:18

Hi, I am struggling to open my Philips NMS 8245 case in order to replace the FDD belt. Got rid of two screw underneath and two in the back, but it seems something still holds the case together. Any hints? What about two black pegs in the back, do I need to remove them too?


By Hans41

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30-03-2019, 15:34

Only the two screws close to the top of the nms8245 should be removed.
Next to the ones underneath of course.

But, there still are clips between the seems, holding the top secured to the bottom.
If you have fingernails, try and carefully squeeze them in the seem next to the power button and work your way down.
Do not use a screwdriver.

Please be very careful, it is 30+ year old plastic ! Eek!

The 3 leds are connected (duh) with a rather short cable, so if you have succesfully released the cover DO NOT lift it too high !

By meits

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30-03-2019, 15:48

opening devices with clips is best done with plectrum/credit card kind of tools. Screw drivers are quite destructive indeed.

By charliefrown

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30-03-2019, 18:19

ok cool, thank you guys! I am going to be extra careful.