Test tool for msx to check monitors/displays display quality

By edoz

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16-05-2020, 21:54

Does anyone know one?


By meits

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16-05-2020, 22:28

Nyyrikki once made a tester

By Omega

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24-06-2020, 17:28


MSX Diagnostics has few test screens, some patterns and colors, that should help adjust CRT geometry and white balance.

By Wierzbowsky

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24-06-2020, 19:24

Not bad! Just was a bit confused by "Accept" or "Cancel" terminology in the test.

There's also MSX1 test from Yamaha. It can even find broken RAM chips.

By edoz

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24-06-2020, 19:58

Wow! Good tool! Perfect! Exactly what i needed!