Dungeons & Dragons, Sometimes I look up at the night sky and The Best of Hamaraja Night

By siddy6581

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29-07-2020, 09:28

Hi I'm looking for these three games:

Dungeons & Dragons (MSX Files 2004)
Sometimes I look up at the night sky (Pastel Hope/Sunrise 1999)
The Best of Hamaraja Night (Syntax 2001)

Are these available for download or purchase anywere?
The second one I'm mostly curious of what kind of game it is. Ha anyone ever played it?


By ListoMefisto

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29-07-2020, 14:25

A friend of mine and I were also looking for Dungeons & Dragons (MSX Files 2004) but we think it isn't available nowadays. A MSX user told us that the game was sold in a Brazilian fair (a few copies were sold) and so far there are no plans for a new batch. The author of the game told us that he didn't have the mock-ups anymore so he could do a re-release so I think it will be difficult to play that game nowadays.

By Randam

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29-07-2020, 18:43

Yeah I would really like to buy Dungeons & Dragons. If it was only a digital download then I still would be interested. @listoMefisto: what do you mean the mock-ups are gone? Is it just about the packaging? How would that be difficult to play? or was there something in the package that would make it difficult? Honestly interested to know, since I would really love to play this game.

The best of Hamaraja Night at least an upgraded version was being sold by Sunrise. But I don't know how that would go now.

The second one I don't know. I'd have to look into it.