Sony HB-75p cursors

By _ThEcRoW

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18-11-2020, 12:59

Hello all, i'm thinking in replacing the microswitches on the cursors of my hb-75p, as some of the sticks out and sometimes fail. I have heard that the switches it uses are normal ones and easy to source. Anyone know the specific serial or nomination in order to search and buy it?. Also could the microswitches be replaced by others of much higher quality, like omron ones present on high end gaming mice?.
Thanks in advance!!!


By Jipe

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18-11-2020, 14:09

By _ThEcRoW

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27-11-2020, 15:52

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the link!. Seems that these are indeed compatible with the sony. I will be ordering a bunch and post here when i have put them in the machines.

By Wild_Penguin

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01-12-2020, 16:02

Thank you Jipe,

I also have quite badly working cursor keys on the HB-75P. I've never actually dismantled them since I just thought it's not worth the hassle...

Has anyone actually dismantled the cursor part of the keyboard, how does it come apart?

EDIT: Replying to myself: the service manual states it should dismantle quite easily, and the F and cursor keys should just fall off (unless taped) when disassembled. I have a recollection I had some problems dismantling the keyboard, but it may just be I never even tried....

By Nprod

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01-12-2020, 19:53

The whole keyboard PCB is just held onto its plastic frame with many small screws, there's not much more to it than that. The only thing you need to watch out for isn't the cursor keys falling out, but the tiny springs they have on them - two per key. If you perform this with the PCB pointing up it they shouldn't get lost. It's a very serviceable keyboard compared to other MSXes i've dealt with.