Need some opinions.

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By Daemos

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20-02-2021, 20:20

I am expecting to have some free time next winter and if that winter will be just as bad as this one I really need a project to be working on. I already have so many ideas but I am the quality over quantity guy and cancelled projects are not my thing. So by now a lot of stuff is on my wish list. I was just wondering how the community is oriented right now. It would be more fun for me to present stuff while working on it and probably more fun for you guys to follow it. So just for the sake of opinions I present the list of todo stuff that has compiled itself over the years.

1. Aftermath: Shooter that runs on MSX2 or higher will push the system to the absolute max. Something like aleste2 but will utilize sprite hiding techniques and where possible multiple planes of scrolling. May need some help on the gfx but we will see (and if not some ripping will do). Storyline propably intense, merging all my favorite shooter storylines into a fork hence its name.
2. Kitty: Very funny, little bit childish and cute. Puzzle platformer directed by my girlfriend. I will only build the entire engine and she will eventually do the rest just like how I learned asm. Screen5 with lots of colors and simple storyline.
3. Kanshiru: inspired by DEVA but totally not the same. Engine will not do parallax scrolls but instead focus on graphics and gameplay where gameplay will be pushed to the extreme. Very good controls, smooth platforming in jump shooting, grabbing, sliding with multiplannar sprite planes (yes my technique is tested on a real machine and works). Will propably require MSX2+ but V9938 should be very doable. Will eat tons of ram.
4. Commander Keen: Yes once you start porting you can't leave it behind. As a child I have enjoyed this PC platformer to the most especially the 4, 5 and 6 series where awesome. turbo-R game no V9990. Pushing the V9958 bandwith to the absolute limits.

As with all my projects these will be open source. No cartridges, no floppies, only roms.


By Grauw

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21-02-2021, 13:06

Look at that! Kanshiru and Aftermath are the most appealing to me. Slight + for Kanshiru because I like MSX2+, and also those multiplanar sprites sound interesting even though I have no clue what that’s about Tongue. After that Kitty, and last Commander Keen because I have no particular fond memories of it and I’m not a fan of the colour palette.

By santiontanon

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21-02-2021, 02:23

My vote goes for Aftermath Smile (I have been playing a lot of Battle Garegga, Donpachi/DoDonpachi lately, so, vertical shooters seems quite appealing at the moment haha)


Enlighted (6976)

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21-02-2021, 09:04

I vote for


By gdx

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21-02-2021, 09:16

I like puzzle games and I love Deva so: Kitty and Kanshiru.

By erpirao

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21-02-2021, 12:11

Hi, I like them all, but can I add one?
a beat'm up like dragon ninja, or shadow warriors in sc5
or a horizontal shot'm up like pleasure hearts in sc7.

By DrWh0

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21-02-2021, 12:33

Commander Keen Aftermath and Kanshiru in that order or preference (I would like Deva style too but that is my personal order) Smile

I love Commander Keen too, I bought all of them in the BBS days Smile

By PingPong

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21-02-2021, 13:31

Aftermath or maybe Kanshiru if you are able to do on v9938

By ListoMefisto

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21-02-2021, 13:35

Aftermath and Kanshiru.

By MsxKun

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21-02-2021, 13:51

Well... my opinion is that whatever game you make, first you have fun making it. And second, for my taste, better focus on pushing the fun limits (playability) and not the hardware limits. No that it has to be one or the other, but often happens.

By gdx

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21-02-2021, 14:54

MsxKun wrote:

And second, for my taste, better focus on pushing the fun limits (playability) and not the hardware limits.

Exactly, Konami's games are a good example of what you say. And musics/SE must be catchy.

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