Sony MSX2+ model HB F1XV on sale

By daniel683104

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26-03-2021, 08:40

I have just finished up my work on a new arrived Sony HB F1XV MSX2+ machine. As you all now by now these machines are very beautifull and this unit is bacoming a rarity since it comes with Foams, Manuals and Box.

By my side I have add the following values:

Internally memory upgraded to 512K RAM
New PC drive adapted to the computer so no evidence of replace is found by outside
New Capacitors inside to avoid the leaking of the old ones that usually ruin the computer after all this years
The internal Lithium battery is replace and I addded a battery holder.

The pictures are these:

As you may see on the pictures keyboard is working 100%, FDD drives adpated goos looks and forks fine.
This king of computer is becoming, as you all know, a rarity on these days and more on a boxed unit. So you won´t see too many of this around

Price is 475 euros + Shipping, of course the computer would be well packed.

to get this unit to your home


By daniel683104

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08-04-2021, 21:58

Additionally I have two hb f900 black without keyboard but fully operational with new fdd drives installed. As soon as ready I will add some pictures and change the ones of the f1xv since I apreciate the grease of my hands on the last two picturrs

By carlos_ibz

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20-08-2021, 10:23

Hola, sigue estando en venta? un saludo

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Hello, is it still for sale? greetings

By daniel683104

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06-09-2021, 15:55

Computer is sold