Sanyo Wavy 23 - replacing original Japanese power supply question

By BignellaMSX

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19-05-2021, 12:02

I want to replace the original power supply in the Wavy 23 I recently bought so I can just plug directly into the mains in the UK.

The power unit supplies DC to the motherboard through one connector so it is possible unlike my Toshiba which converts power on the board.

I've tested the outputs on the connector and it's the standard 5V, 12V and -12V.
The weird thing is there are 3 x 5V connections:

On the board itself there are 3 testing spots, each labelled with the voltage. You can see the 12V spot right of the 2nd NC connector. The -12v is right at the top of the pic and the 5V is hiding behind the capacitor.
I tested all those and the voltages are all good.

So my questions:
How do I find out if all three 5V connections are used on the board, is it a case of tracking the traces on the board?
And if so can I connect all three of the 5V wires to the single 5V output on this


By olliraa

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19-05-2021, 12:11

I replaced the PSU of my Philips VG8235 with this Meanwell PSU:

Works great :) Just an example of something similar with a different form factor. Dunno about feeding all the 5V inputs with just output from the PSU, though.