Do you ever have computer game / msx related dreams?

By Randam

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21-08-2021, 06:48

Today I had a dream about playing an MSX1 game that doesn't exist yet.It was some kind of action platforme where there are enemies you needed to avoid and find or get to a specific item to finish the level. Apparently I dreamt up some mechanics for the game and finished level 1 but died in level 2 when I woke up.

i am sure I am weird Big smile Just interested if other people ever had an msx related dream.


By geijoenr

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21-08-2021, 10:22

ehem, this may be a signal.
You may want to bring that game from your dream to the physical world.

By selios2000

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21-08-2021, 11:05

geijoenr wrote:

ehem, this may be a signal.
You may want to bring that game from your dream to the physical world.


By FloriFuxx

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14-09-2021, 10:27

Funny thing, I actually relatively often have computer/game related dreams. Also sometimes about games and game music that does not exist in the real world! Those memories fade quick after waking up, but one specific dream reoccurs every now and then:

I walk through the computer section of a modern department store, and then, a bit hidden from the mainstream stuff, I find a table or shelves with old stuff that the store seemingly wants to get rid of! And there I find true treasures! All kinds of 8bit and 16 bit stuff! Heaven! Or in one of those stores I find a carton or knee-level shelf where my eyes near about pop outta my head! Games for MSX! Or Atari! Games that I know, and games that I never heard of before! So excitedly I whirl through those shelves and cartons, finding gems that I urgently NEED to have! Guys, I love those dreams.

This dream kind of came true for me this year! I've been visiting my best friends in the Netherlands, and together we went to an arcade museum in Zoetermeer! I bet all Dutchies with a heart for retro computers and games know this place, but for me it was all new. And right at the entrance I was greeted by - I couldn't believe it - a showcase with MSX games!!! for SALE! And sure as hell I didn't leave this museum with empty hands! Sure they were not super many games, and sure some of them I already owned but...I still got me a few games and boy, this was a happy day for me! I can really recommend this place. It's really mostly arcade-based but they do have a small kids room setup with an MSX2 compi and things that made my heart jump with joy!!