[WTT] My CIB Magical Tree

By Fresh

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01-10-2021, 14:11

I'm willing to trade my CIB Magical Tree for any of these Konami mini's:

- Vampire Killer mini
- Game Master mini
- Metal Gear mini
- King's Valley 2 mini

I am also looking for a Cabbage Patch Kids manual, in any quality, but in that case we would have to equalize the trade somehow.

I am not looking for mint copies, at least the box needs to be there and in decent shape and the cartridges too, in case of Vampire Killer and Game Master. I accept abysmal quality cartridges of Metal Gear and King's Valley 2. Inlays are optional and/or can be of very rough quality, no problem.

Contact me by mail (in my profile). Unless you offer a very good amount, I will stick to trading and won't respond to cash offers. I am from the Netherlands.