MSXgl – A new C game library for MSX

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By aoineko

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04-06-2023, 23:13

I released a new version of MSXgl on GitHub: MSXgl v0.9.3 Alpha.

Main changes:
- [VDP] Made the module compatible with last founding about VRAM access timing.
- [VDP] Added support for unofficial Screen 2 & 4 settings with screen strip mirroring. Showcased in s_gm3 sample.
- [PAC] Added feature to save data to PAC or FM-PAC cartridge SRAM. Showcased in s_pac sample.
- [Clock] Added feature to save data to MSX2 real-time clock CMOS. Showcased in s_clock sample.
- [DOS] Added several new MSX-DOS2 functions, and support for mapped memory. Showcased in s_dos2 sample.
- [Arkos] Added SFX support for Arkos Tracker II module (for AKG & AKM replayer).
- [Memory] Added 16-bits fill/copy feature (copy function are just inlined wrapper).
- [Game menu] Added new events callback when new item/page is selected.
- [Tile] Added new module to handle MSX2 bitmap modes as tiled modes. Showcased in s_swtile sample.
- [Math] Optimized registers usage.
- [V9990] Fixed bug in 16 bits peek function.
- [Reg] Added helper function to set registers from C.
- [Crt0] Added new target to generate bootable disk program (names DOS0).
- [Crt0] Added new feature for ROM target on page 0 to be able to put data without the need of __at() directive.
- [Build tool] Added option to change SDCC compile complexity (the higher, the best code is generated, but the longer the compile long).
- [MSXtk] Updated MSXimg image converter tool (support Screen 1, and Pletter compression for tiled base Screen).
- [Doc] Updated source code documentation.
- Many other fixes and optimizations...

Graph mode 3 sample (using mirrored unofficial Screen 4 setting and screen-split to display 64 sprites on screen). Try it on WebMSX!

Software tile sample (using Screen 5). Try it on WebMSX!

I'm available here or on Discord to answer any questions or help you get started with MSXgl.

By ToriHino

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05-06-2023, 00:40

Great update again, this library is getting better and better Cool .

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