NK or IP?!

By eimaster

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09-02-2022, 16:06

I tried to use my smartphone as a cassette player to load games into my real MSX1 Sakhr AX-230 using MSX2 as and/or TapeRider. I didn't have the cassette cable so I used my old smartphone headphone. Cut the wire and connect it to the computer. Every game I tried was "Found: blblbl" but after a short time of loading I got "Device error". So I couldn't get any game to load except for "Tiny Slot Checker" it loaded and ran.
Maybe the problem is in the volume level of my smartphone. I tried different levels but no luck. I think smartphone maximum volume level is still low compared to the real data cassette drive.
Another thing is that me smartphone headphone is NK compatible no IP. Could that be the reason? I want to try my wife's smartphone which is more advanced and powerful compared to mine. Mine is Android 4.3 while hers is Android 8. Hers also IP compatible in headphone. What do you think of all or parts of what I said? Can anyone advise me on how to successfully load cassette games (cas/wav/mp3) into my real MSX?
Thanks in advance dear friends.


By zadokallen

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09-02-2022, 16:46

Never tried to do it on MSX but had some experiences on ZX Spectrum. Volume level is important, but it can vary from phone to phone. My old Galaxy S3 would load games, the S4 won't (even when using volume boosting apps). I've heard there might be also some interference from the phone, so you should put it in the ariplane mode to be on safe side. Even so, my S4 would still not load games, until a new app got made (ZX Tape Player) - not sure what did they do, compared to other apps, but it works now.