[Q] Any interest in original Konami plastic trays?

By Salamander89

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19-04-2022, 13:55

Hi, just registered myself after years of lurking.

I've been offered a bunch of plastic cartridge trays (the black ones inside the boxes 15x11x2.5cm).
Seller ensures that they are new old stock found in a warehouse and there are "a lot of them"

For some reason, I cannot post images, here are the ones I've got from the seller


Which price tag could be acceptable? Is there any interest in replacing old/damaged ones?



By Manuel

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20-04-2022, 01:01

I'd be interested if they're cheap Smile

By Stt1

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20-04-2022, 01:43

Wlecome back Smile

Well... I believe there are indeed people who would be interested in these. Usually they are not even sold separately, so there is no actually any good comparison (yet) for price level. Few euros a piece perhaps? If there are truly a lot of them, it might be better to sell in minimum 5 or 10 plastics at once.

Was there anything else MSX Konami related in that warehouse? Other plastics? Or maybe even games?


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20-04-2022, 08:02

I would also like some, so let us know if you've got any price details.

By Salamander89

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20-04-2022, 09:59

Sadly I got news from the seller. He is not accepting other than selling +1000 due to the logistics costs involved.
Price tag is 1200€
The upfront cost is way higher than I initially expected, I don't think I can sell +990 plastic cases!

By Salamander89

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20-04-2022, 10:02

It looks that they only have trays in there but I'll ask again.


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20-04-2022, 12:49

I’ll take 50 - now you just need to find buyers for 940 Smile

By Salamander89

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20-04-2022, 15:26

If my numbers are correct, there are 15 games that used those trays...

940 to go!