How to download from generation-MSX site?

By eimaster

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03-06-2022, 22:56

Can anyone help me of how to download from generation-MSX site? I do not find any download link or button which enables me to download anything from that site. I use an Android mobile phone. Can anyone make some screen shots of the site and show me the download link/button please. Or you can tell me that generation-MSX is just an info site and nothing can be downloaded from it. Thanks in advance.


By msxtrd

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03-06-2022, 23:12

Just an info site.

By sdsnatcher73

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04-06-2022, 08:54

There are a few downloads a.o. some translations. But in general it does offer only information.

By ro

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04-06-2022, 13:09

Hai Eimster, is like IMDB (International MSX Database, grinn) and only provides in-depth information about MSX software. It does NOT provide the software itself.

Hope that helps

By eimaster

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05-06-2022, 03:36

Thanks for everyone replied to my post. You all helped me a great deal. Thanks again and be happy, save, and healthy.

By JohnHassink

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05-06-2022, 14:09

eimaster, a certain MSX site with "world" in the name might be more like what you're looking for. Wink