New MSX games collection / 新しい MSX ゲームコレクション

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By moldov31337

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04-06-2022, 04:07

There are some very cool games listed in the following topics:

Russian game: Майор Пистолетов на заводе/Major Gunoff on the Factory

Platformer recommendations?

Until recently, the source code of the games was thought to be lost and games were available only in Russian, but in 2021 the author was lucky enough to find the diskettes with the source code of all his programs for MSX platform. This has resulted in the new versions of “Major Pistoletov” and “Back to the Earth”. In the same time games were translated to English to be available for the MSX fans all over the world.

If you want to see some more information about the games, please check the page listed below:

Games for MSX by Andrey Rodionov

So, stay tuned... ;)


By AxelStone

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05-06-2022, 10:38

Thanks for the recomendation. I visited the link but I can't see the download link to the english version, could you help me? Tongue

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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05-06-2022, 13:14

scroll a bit here

By journey

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05-06-2022, 14:10

By tfh

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05-06-2022, 14:33

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

scroll a bit here

Isn't that the downloadlink for the Russian version?
I think we still have to wait a bit for the English one ;)

By AxelStone

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06-06-2022, 08:48

As @tfh comment that links is for the Russian version, right?

By sdsnatcher73

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06-06-2022, 09:19

AxelStone wrote:

As @tfh comment that links is for the Russian version, right?

Have you downloaded it? What happened when you ran it?
(spoiler alert, it's Russian)

By A Rodionov

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06-06-2022, 11:05

English version of all games and it's documentation are completely ready, but as opposed to Russian versions, English set of games is not free and will be sale on cartridges. Anyone who really interested it can preorder this gameset, including this forum.

Two words about games: all of this games is written in genre "Roguelike". Gameplay never repeat previous because the universes of all games are randomly generated. The deathes is irreversible. Yoy can play it more and more & never will be in the same situation. So tactics & startegy of player can be very different depending of the gameworld generated.

All this games was basically written in 1986-1988, but completely redeveloped in 2021-1022 when I occasionaly found all source codes of it which was consideretly lost.

By Pyhesty

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06-06-2022, 11:27

Thank you very much games!
My daughter enjoys playing!
ps: spoiler: games have been remastered!

By AxelStone

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06-06-2022, 16:49

@A Rodionov is expected a digital version for sale? Thanks

By A Rodionov

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06-06-2022, 19:17

Digital version of this gameset (Loader, 4 games written in C + assembler especially for MSX1 in 1986-1988 and 3 bonus games written in MSX2 Basic in 1985-1986) is ready and placed on one disk 720 KB, but distribution of English versions of this gameset in digital form depends from # of preorders with prepayments.
Russian versions of all this stuff is still free and can be loaded from my site and even playing online in WebMSX, but using of native MSX or emulators like BlueMSX recommended.
BTW on this site you can also find my own instrumental software that was used for game dvelopment like Pattern Composer (PAC) and Graphics Library for BDS C (GRPLIB). All of it is free for dowmloading in English.

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