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By Accumulator

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04-12-2022, 21:45

I have an idea, but I do not know if it already exists or not.
My monitor for MSX broke, and was looking for a monitor with Scart connector, noticed it is quite hard to find, although plenty of tvs ,but screen ratio is widescreen.

So I came to an idea to have some kind of converter which has 1 cable end connector din-8 (output Audio/Video of Sony HBF 700) and other cable end usb. In the middle is the converter , which behaves to USB connector as webcam.

If you open application for webcam you see and hear the MSX output.

In this way you do not need extra monitor and easy testing results with programming and see possible difference with emulator.


By geijoenr

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04-12-2022, 22:14

You are describing a CVBS to USB video converter, those do exist and are cheap. There are special purpose ASICS that provide this functionality (from conexant, for instance).

By Accumulator

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04-12-2022, 22:46

Yes correctly, like that, however with mentioned cable I have to cut my Scart cable, attach the right connector to the cable matching the ends of the other cable. Is such a cable also manufacturers/factory ready and shipped, without doing some home improvement.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a super solution?

Found a device... LOL!
Scart to USB Device

Thank you very much!

By ducasp

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05-12-2022, 01:03

Probably not good for games, you'll accumulate lag from:

Frame building
Video encoding
PC video buffer - > start rendering a frame
LCD own lag

And quality probably won't be great...

Probably a GBS offers more bang for your buck and you will end up with a lot less lag

By gdx

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05-12-2022, 09:10

I also think it is not good for games.

By Pencioner

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05-12-2022, 09:46

I had similar converter but to HDMI not to USB and the lag was noticeable. I even tested with connecting a CRT monitor to the composite output and use RGB output via SCART on this such converted so i see exactly how bad it is. The result was "amazing" - on MSX2 startup screen logo starts moving up on HDMI when on CRT it is already finished moving. So the lag is not a game compatible at all and i ended up using it only for stuff like running VGMplay and sold it right after getting an OSSC

By AndreV

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05-12-2022, 10:12

I have hooked up a msx on a vga monitor with this set up:

By Accumulator

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05-12-2022, 15:06

I read in the specs of the converter I mentioned was that the frame rate is 25fps. Aren't there converters with 60 or 120 fps?

By Grauw

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05-12-2022, 15:47

My capture setup is to convert my MSX RGB SCART output to HDMI using the Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC), and then feeding the HDMI into an Elgato Cam Link 4K, which presents itself to my Macbook as a webcam which I can record from. I used it to record this video, for example. Since I only use it for recording, so I can’t really say how much latency the Cam Link introduces. The OSSC doesn’t add any, though.

By Accumulator

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05-12-2022, 16:28

I have just ordered a scart to 4K HDMI converter and a HDMI to usb-c cable, since I only have 2 usb-c ports on my laptop. It should arrive in few days . Will let you know the result.

@Grauw,. Exactly that's is the preferred result!!!!

By DamnedAngel

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06-12-2022, 11:49

From my experience, the best result is converting/uspcaling MSX's RGB output to VGA and using a VGA CRT Monitor.

Bright colors, no digital artifact.

That's what I recommend.

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