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By sdsnatcher73

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06-12-2022, 12:17

What device do you use to perform upscale to VGA?

By Accumulator

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07-12-2022, 21:44

Today I have received my ordered devices..
I have no clue what the result will be in the end, how cheese will behave or a custom html to capture and aspect.

By Accumulator

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10-12-2022, 03:02

The scart to HDMI does not work! Maybe needs really 21 pins to work, have to find other scart cable or return the scart to hdmi. And get a RGB scart to HDMI box. Keep updated!

Gaming Cables

SCART to HDMI Converters to Avoid

Recently a number of our customers have been duped into buying SCART to HDMI converters of Amazon because of their apparent value for money, sometimes in the region of £20. But unknowingly for them these cheap boxes don't support RGBS/RGB video. They claim to upscale all kinds of screen resolutions to 720P and 1080P but upon closer inspection they only accept a CVBS signal from the SCART input also known as composite video. Which is no good when you want to use an RGB SCART cable. So I decided to compile a list of converters that found which don't support RGB, thus to be avoided. Here are just a few I found on

  1. Neoteck Aluminum SCART To HDMI Converter 1080P SCART to HDMI Adapter 

  1. Musou® - [HDMI to SCART Converter] | Full HD 720P/1080P Adapter
  1. ESYNIC Scart to HDMI Converter Upscaler Video Audio Converter Scaler Converter Support HDMI~
  1. ESYNIC HDMI to SCART Converter Scaler Converter Composite Video Audio Adapter for SKY HD Blu Ray DVD HDTV STB PS3 Sky DVD Blu-ray-Black
  1. Tendak MHL HDMI to SCART Converter Adapter 1080P Composite Video Stereo Audio Adapter for SKY HD Blu Ray DVD HDTV STB VHS Xbox PS3
  1. Tendak Scart to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter for PS3 Set-top Box DVD Player 1080P
  1. Revesun New MINI MHL/HDMI TO SCART Converter (standard-definition 480i, 576i,)

Some SCART to HDMI converters look similar to each another as they are probably rebranded converters from the same factory. If you have found a converter not on the list above and you are unsure whether is RGB compatible just do a quick "Find" command in your browser, CMD⌘ + F for iMac or Ctrl + F for Windows. And type in "RGB". If it comes back with 0 matches then avoid that converter. If it comes back with a number of matches just check where the RGB text is on the webpage, as it maybe for another product in the "Sponsored Products Related To This Item" section of the webpage, in which case it doesn't relate to the converter you are looking at. Make sure that the RGB text is in the Product Description for the converter you wish to purchase. A proper RGB SCART to HDMI converter will set you back at least £40 to £50 on average.quote]

By gdx

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10-12-2022, 11:12

Chineses make many money on the backs of the curious, self-centeredness, impatient and incredulous who say to themselves that it does not matter, it is not expensive. Often a little research of 5 minutes saves us from buying something for nothing. If you can't find any info, ask the seller. Otherwise don't buy.

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