WTB: Carnivore2

By ViktorH

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08-12-2022, 21:19


I’m looking for Carnivore2, preferrably from a European seller.

There is one on eBay from a Brazilian seller, but the shipping cost + customs fees makes it a bit too expensive in my eyes.



By djh1697

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08-12-2022, 21:49

The one listed has the optional earphone/lineout socket on it, as well as a 4Gb card. I think it is good value. I am unsure as to the customs taxes though.

By ViktorH

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08-12-2022, 22:06

Thanks for the input. I believe it will cost me around 230 EUR in total if I buy it from Brazil. Maybe the best alternative at the moment?

By tfh

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08-12-2022, 22:25

From Russia will be quite a bit cheaper. Probaly aroud 140 Euro's.
Here is all the information you need, including contact details: https://forum.maxiol.com/index.php?showtopic=5537

By ViktorH

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08-12-2022, 22:36

Many thanks! I will send them an email.

By sergem

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08-12-2022, 23:42

I have one for sale if your interested

By ViktorH

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09-12-2022, 15:58

I have now ordered the Carnivore2 from Maxiol, but thanks for the offer.

Carnivore2 cartridge no longer needed.