How to let VGMPLAY run file after another?

By alali.ahmed.t

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12-01-2023, 18:10

I saw on youtube that vgmplay play a file after the other without entering the command each time. How do you do that?


By Latok

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12-01-2023, 19:17

Im using Sofarun for that. I put the vgm files into a directory and start sequential or random. Then Sofarun plays all vgm files in the directory using vgmplay.

It even works inside a ZIP with vgm files Smile

By Grauw

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21-01-2023, 18:23

And in the usage instructions it mentions how to set it up in Multi Mente. In there you can multi-select files with the space bar.

By alali.ahmed.t

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21-01-2023, 17:57

Thank you for your replies. I gotta try one after another and see how it goes ????

By alali.ahmed.t

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14-02-2023, 05:34

I tried Sofarun but I doesn't run any file.. what is the way to do it?

I couldn't understand how to interpret the instruction for multiple files playing ..

Can someone write or post an example?