Question: how to create multi game rom (to my knowledge = 0 in programming)

By itozzz

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15-01-2023, 16:16

Good, first of all, ask for information from those who know about the subject.
I want to create my own cartridge with several of my favorite games (so I'm not going in and out with the originals), I have the 2MB rbsc@calamar multimapper, since I don't have programming knowledge to make a menu to my liking I use the typical rom loader, I do the process by creating a .dsk with the necessary files and then converting them to .rom, so far so good, but I can't exceed 720kb with that system.
Is there any way, software or way to be able to create a rom of more than 720kb and take advantage of the 2mb cartridge.



By mcolom

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15-01-2023, 17:43

It's challenging, since large games will use some mapper and they'll have the location of their segments harcoded in their code.

For games without a mapper (say, games of 48 Kb or less), I think it's quite feasible.
You'd need a custom ROM which will contain a BASIC program that will implement a menu. When you pick a game from the menu, it'll configure the mapper so the game is exposed, and run it.

You said to do it without programming, but I don't see the a way of doing so with 0 programming. Anyway, it'll be just a BASIC program with a very short assembly code.

By itozzz

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15-01-2023, 20:22

Thank you very much for the clarification, as an alternative I have looked for all kinds of packs already made but it is not that there are many of them.
For me the perfect rom would be de Kuc de pazos, but apart from the fact that it needs special hardware, said flashrom is not available