C+ASM MSX dev Workshop (In Portuguese)

By DamnedAngel

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22-01-2023, 21:31

Hi all,

I've just posted the last installment of my C + ASM development for MSX with SDCC Workshop series on YouTube.

The videos make available the 20-session C + ASM development hands-on workshop I hosted in 2021. The workshop guided the attendees to write a snake game (reference implementation here) from the very basics of environment setup to understanding VDP registers, analysis of Fusion-C code, Assembly routines development and integration with C, Sprites, sound, and much more. In total, there are more than 24 hours of explanations about MSX architecture, C programming, ASM programming and bug corrections.

The content is in Portuguese but YouTube can provide automatic captions with translations. They are not the best, but they are reasonably comprehensible.

The topics in the Workshop series are:
Session 0: Development Environment Setup
Session 1: Using Project Templates
Session 2: Starting the Development
Session 3: Screens of the Game
Session 4: Animating the Snake
Session 5: VDP Basics and Collision Detection
Session 6: MSX's Interrupt System and Game Timing
Session 7: Permanent Motion of the Snake
Session 8: C Pointers and Snake's Head and Tail
Session 9: Apple of Good and Evil (Implementing the Snake's food)
Session 10: Handling Joysticks, Level Progression and Customized Character Font
Session 11: Screen 1 Graphics and Pattern Table
Session 12: (More) Tiles and Colors
Session 13: PSG Workshop (featuring MRC's user Parn)
Session 14: Visual Effects and Animations
Session 15: Sound Effects
Session 16a: Sprites - Part 1
Session 16b: Sprites - Part 2 (Fusion-C Bugs Correction)
Session 17: Assembly and the Grass
Session 18: A Quick Look on OpenMSX Debugger

The playlist containing all the videos is here.

The workshop live sessions are over, but it will be a pleasure to assist anyone with the desire to follow through the videos. Feel free to contact me here or via Discord Server in case of questions.

Hope to be of good use to the community!

Happy MSX'ing!


By aoineko

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22-01-2023, 23:07

C is popular these days on MSX Smile

Well done.

By DamnedAngel

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04-02-2023, 20:22

Hi all,

Complementing my post above, I just made the github repository I used for developing the game during the workshop available publicly:


By jepmsx

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05-02-2023, 06:08

Thanks a lot for sharing. I like how the course evolve from the text snake game to a one with sprites and colors.
Good work!

By Bengalack

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05-02-2023, 09:27

Great offering to the community. A real kickstarter for those who want to enter programming on the MSX.