InterNestor Lite 2.3

by konamiman on 31-01-2023, 18:08
トピック: Software

Your favorite TCP/IP stack for MSX just got a small but significant update: InterNestor Lite 2.3 for Ethernet UNAPI fixes a bug in the generation of DHCP packets that rendered it pretty much unusable with some routers. If you ever tried to use InterNestor with automatic IP addresses configuration only to find out that the DHCP automaton state got stuck at "selecting" and IP addresses never changed from, you were probably experiencing this issue, so go and get the new version to be back in the amazing world of the obsolete internetting!

Relevant link: InterNestor Lite in Konamiman's MSX page
Relevant link: Fix pull request (contributed by Wagner Tavares)

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By x-nen Aivalahostia

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05-02-2023, 00:13

thanks for your work, Konamiman!

By ATroubleshooter

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14-02-2023, 10:00

Good news!