Hello, MSX friends, from Spain.

By MYKSelf

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22-02-2023, 20:54

Hello, ppl. My name is Javier, and this is my introduction post! Big smile

I'm a MSX lover since I was 14 year old. I'm now 50 years old and I'm still loving it, from the old games to the new developements, still going strong.

I must confess I was a lurker on these forums from quite some time now, but I think it's the time to start doing some activity on the community.

Sadly, I'm no programmer, or hardware savvy person. Just an enthusiast of the platform, but I'll do my best to help people here, where I can.

A big hello to everyone!


By edoz

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22-02-2023, 22:07

Welcome! You don’t have to be an programmer or hardware’s builder to love this machine! Good that you joined the forum! Do you own MSX hardware?

By Latok

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22-02-2023, 22:07

Hello Javier, welcome to the club Smile

By MYKSelf

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23-02-2023, 07:31

In fact, I do!

I still have my Sony HB-20P MSX from my childhood, functional and in good condition.

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a Philips VG-8235 MSX2, working everything but the disk drive (I think the belt is disintegrated), but more than enough to enjoy some MSX2 carts I had around.

And finally I went the long mile and bought a Sony HB-F1XV MSX2+ machine (what a beautiful beast) 100% working, recapped and belt changed. Great great machine. I wish I could have it when I was young! Smile

Still longing for a Turbo R but it's too expensive for me. Sad

By jepmsx

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23-02-2023, 09:11

Welcome Javier!

You have good machines, enjoy them!

If you live near Barcelona, there are the RUs organized by AAMSX and also the meetings in Badalona organized by MSX Boixos.

And you can also listen to Conexion MSX podcast and register in its telegram group to have more news in Spanish.

By MajorTOM

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23-02-2023, 11:27

Hello Javier!

So good to see you onboard also in this Forum!!!!
I think Spain is currently living a new "golden-age" in the MSX area, both as fans and as home-brew devolopment areas

Let´s keep in touch and try to "complete" together the missing bits&pieces of our game collections.

Best Regards!