How to capture video with CocoaMSX (Mac OS Monterey)

By hbarcellos

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27-02-2023, 02:20

Hi! Not sure if anyone is facing this problem, but I was trying to make CocoaMSX video capture feature to work in Mac OS Monterey without success.
There's no error message neither a log somewhere, so... Kind of tough to find out what to do.


By gdx

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28-02-2023, 14:40

It's a shame CocoaMSX doesn't evolve anymore. It was very promising. Many functions are missing and it has several youthful flaws. For example, it's very annoying that the dock disappears in window mode, and joystick management is buggy, etc.

By TomH

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28-02-2023, 17:57

macOS can natively record anything on its screen via Quicktime, but you'd have to faff around with BlackHole, SoundFlower or similar as an audio loopback if you want sound. It's definitely a fallback option though. Check out e.g. this guide for installation of BlackHole (whether on an M1 or not; it's the same) then just launch the confusingly-titled Quicktime Player, File -> New Screen Recording... and follow the UI from there. Hit the 'Options' button in the panel that comes up in order to select your audio device.

Of course, if you don't want to capture audio, just launch Quicktime Player now and don't bother installing anything else.