Cornelius in the Forbidden Zone

Cornelius in the Forbidden Zone

by ro on 05-03-2023, 15:01
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Inspired by the the movie series Planet of The Apes, the game Cornelius in the Forbidden Zone, is Physical Dream's latest MSX game production. In the game you guide the chimpanzee Cornelius through new and unexplored territory, solving puzzles on the way. Available as a physical cartridge and open for reservations.

In this modern world of Computer Generated Graphics, or CGI for short, we -as retro computer lovers - are probably more enthusiastic about seeing hand drawn images on screen. You know, real pixel craftsmanship by real people. It is an art - whether using a real paint brush, a pencil, or a keyboard/mouse set-up. Having an MSX1 screen with such art makes our hearts pound. Combine that with some swinging PSG music and smooth game play, and you're set up for excellent game entertainment. The game studio Physical Dreams does just that.

If you are not yet familiar with the studio's work, they have delivered a good amount of game cartridges for MSX1 standard machines in recent years. Titles like Paco, Gelatino, Alien Confination, Tere-Kinesis, and most recent Campanera, give a good impression of their excellent work. Their games shine in their simplicity, are easy to pick up and have hours of fun. And, as mentioned, the whole work is beautifully designed with outstanding graphical work.

Physical Dream's latest addition to their ever growing game title database, is the game "Cornelius in the Forbidden Zone". It is a classic platform adventure with a big map of over 80 locations to explore, and a lot of dynamics over the course of the game. Pave your way using levers and movable boxes to gain access to areas otherwise restricted. Like their earlier title Campanera, the game studio was inspired by old cinema as the game is based on Cornelius his idea of going out on expedition - as portrayed in the 1970 Beneath the Planet of the Apes movie.

Cornelius in the Forbidden Zone will be available in English, Spanish and Italian. To get your unique physical cartridge copy of Cornelius, reserve it by dropping the studio an e-mail at Physical Dreams. The studio is aiming to release and distribute to game in spring 2023. And for about 30 euros (ex shipping), it's yours.

Relevant link: Physical Dreams facebook page

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By valkyre

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05-03-2023, 17:31

Quality as always.

By ToriHino

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05-03-2023, 19:48

That looks really great. Very smooth gameplay, great graphics and music. Again a high quality release indeed!

By andongniao_vnb

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05-03-2023, 20:23

Awesome game! Congratulations Physical Dreams by another "juegazzzzzzzzzzo"!