I'm making a game (Tetpuz)

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By Totta

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03-03-2023, 09:26

I might be crazy but I've always loved the idea of making a serious game for MSX ever since I dabbed in BASIC on it when I was 13-15. I feel the time is right now. It's time to really learn the MSX and it will be interesting to see what I can do with it since I have programmed just about anything else in life.

You might know me as the guy who makes music for the PSG but what you don't know is that I am also an app developer for both Android and iOS (Native code, Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS) and I made quite a lot of 6502-assembler on the C64 back in the days. Surely that knowledge must be able to be used on our dear MSX too?

So, with the help of the extremely friendly and supportive Aoineko I have now decided to base the game upon his MSXgl library allowing me to make the game in C instead of Z80-assembler.

So what will the game be?

Well, for more than 20 years ago I created this social media site (pre Facebook) where you could chat, see who is online, send messages, discuss in forums, see what others are up to at the moment etc. Included in that site was a hidden online game written in Javascript called Tetpuz.

Later, when I made my flag ship mobile app called RummyFight, I created an updated version of that Tetpuz game and hid it behind a secret button in the Lobby of the app (click on the T in the RummyFight logo to access it).

So it's THAT game that I want to make for MSX.

It's an original game with an original idea by me, created originally for more than 20 years ago. Sure, there are now some clones on Google Play and AppStore but my Tetpuz is the original that the others have copied so I still consider it is my right to make it for other systems too.

So where is the project right now?

Well, I have the code design finished in my head and I have managed to put the first graphics on screen in a test-project. Since everything worked beyond my expectations I have now created the Tetpuz-project and am about to start coding for real.

I will keep you posted regarding the progress. Wish me luck.


By jepmsx

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03-03-2023, 11:21

Hi Totta!

It's always good to have new development in MSX.

I've also started to program for MSX in C after so many years.

Good luck in your project!

By aoineko

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03-03-2023, 12:44

Good luck Totta!

I personally find the hardest thing is to finish the 30% of a game that takes 70% of the time.
So I have several projects that are already well advanced but I still haven't released any MSX game so far.

I have good hopes that this year will be the right one for both of us. Smile

By Bengalack

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03-03-2023, 16:49

Awesome! With your background you should have a good chance making something really cool and good, I’d say Smile Good luck Smile

By thegeps

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04-03-2023, 16:31

Yeah! Another game developer fornour beloved MSX! Welcome aboard! Tou should enter MSXdev, right? Wink

By Totta

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04-03-2023, 20:07

Of course Wink

By gdx

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05-03-2023, 00:53

Totta wrote:

I might be crazy but I've always loved the idea of making a serious game for MSX ever since I dabbed in BASIC on it when I was 13-15.

We are almost all in the same case here. Wink
Good luck in your project! It's always nice to see new software.

By aoineko

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05-03-2023, 13:14

My 13 yo me only saw MSX as a game console and the BASIC just good to make menu to launch pirated games.
Copying dozens (or even hundreds) of lines of code from a magazine to get a game that didn't seem very good to me (compared to the Konami hits I had in my hand) quickly discouraged me.

I have a lot of admiration for those who started to take an interest in programming at such a young age.

By Totta

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05-03-2023, 17:22

So if I would tell you I went to the library and borrowed all books I could find about programming and computer architecture at 11.

And when I did that for the third time, the guy behind the counter said

- Aha, so you got a computer this christmas?
- Yes, I lied

It was still 2 years before I even touched my first computer.

Perhaps not quite normal?

By Totta

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08-03-2023, 17:00

Progress report #1

About 25% of the code implemented. Tiles and sprites are working and the visual design is coming along nice too.

Gameplay area renders correctly in screen 2 and all the fundamental functions to put tiles and sprites at expected coordinates work too, including dynamic design of the sprites since they change in appearance during gameplay.

Just began coding the joystick and keyboard routines. The game will be possible to play with both. Perhaps even a mouse if I have the time.

After that it’s time to implement the animation system. All tiles and sprites will be possible to both move and animate, including ease functions for rapid movement.

All in all, the progress is going fine and so far I haven’t even had the reason to use a debugger to find a bug Wink

Next post will probably be the first one with a pic

By tfh

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08-03-2023, 17:53

Looking forward to seeing the working/finished version! Big smile

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