Identify MSX

By BillGates

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08-03-2023, 03:18

When researching the rookie drive I found this video

Can anyone identify the black keyboard? It looks like an MSX I have never seen before.



By theNestruo

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08-03-2023, 07:52

Looks like an Enterprise

By gflorez

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08-03-2023, 08:21

Yes, it is an Enterprise. The MSX is not seen at the left, showing its video on the monitor at the back of the Enterprise. You also can see an Amstrad PCW at the right.

Actually the SymbOS computers are the CPC, the MSX, the PCW and the Enterprise, by order of development.

By Manuel

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08-03-2023, 10:39

I think the MSX image is from the 1-Chip-MSX shown on the left.

By ray2day

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08-03-2023, 11:00

The (black) computer to the right with the green, purple/blue and black keys on the keyboard is indeed an Enterprise.
Although it has a Z80, this is not a MSX!
Like Manuel says the image shown on the monitor is from the 1chipMSX.

By BillGates

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08-03-2023, 18:17

Thanks. It's an Enterprise (computer) in the center and a msx ocm, model ms-x on the left.

By BillGates

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08-03-2023, 18:19

Elan Enterprise 128

Video on it here

By edoz

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08-03-2023, 19:29

Yes, it was a video running SymbOS on the OCM, The Enterprise is also used for testing Symbos..i think this video is during the driver dev. period. That is Prodatron his workspace Wink I have seen it in real Wink so it is pretty real as well..