Who has picture of power supply for D6450 datarecorder?

By Paul Raps

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24-04-2023, 16:45

Who has a picture of a power supply for D6450 datarecorder?
I found my MSX gear in the attic but I am still searching for the power supply of the cassette recorder.
Any help is welcome :-)

Thank you in advance.
Regards, Paul.


By Wlcracks

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25-04-2023, 07:31

Was there a power supply included anyways?
The box shows a picture of battery's, so maybe any wall powersupply with correct voltage and pinout will do.

By sdsnatcher73

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25-04-2023, 08:54

It needs a common 9V center negative PSU.

By Skyblasc

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25-04-2023, 19:15

It seems to accept batteries also.
6 x type C AA batteries ( R14)
If you don't have the cable and are in a hurry can use them to at least test the datacorder.